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  • I contacted Allison earlier this year, with a very important renovation dream, of moving three disabled family members into my home for optimal loving care. An old fashioned idea, of having multiple generations under one roof, family all together, helping to achieve one goal of health and happiness. I had the dream, and Allison had the vision, ingenuity, and creativity, and came up with a design that was beyond my wildest dreams. Every detail of the design, was drafted with each of my family member’s disabilities in mind. She is a professional who is passionate about her work, and she embodies all of the strengths that one could wish for, including intellect, compassion, and attention to every detail. She was always accessible for questions, updates, and budget adjustments. I feel like she invested all of her energy in the design, as if it was for one of her very own cherished family members. Dressed to the nines, she didn’t think twice about scaling a ladder into my attic to assess the roof joists, and she came up with solutions for landscaping to prevent water erosion, before the renovation could begin. She also personally chose the perfect contractor, as she knows that that relationship is key, in facilitating a smooth transition during the time of construction, while we remain living in the spaces. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with her over the past several months, and how much her work will impact my life, and the lives of my family, as the construction is about to begin. “–Pam K.

  • Allison was recommended to us by a local contractor after we realized our home renovation project was more complicated than the standard kitchen/bath remodel. Allison from the beginning has been nothing but wonderful to work with. She is responsive to our requests and her ability to “get inside my head” was uncanny. My husband and I are adding on and renovating a 50’s brick ranch. We knew we wanted a midcentury modern feel to the home – when we got our first draft of the design I was stunned. Allison managed to figure out what I wanted without being able to actually articulate what it was I wanted. Our goal is to be in this home forever – with Allison’s design we will have a home that can do that. Her attention to detail is evident in her interior designs but also the exterior designs. We currently have a very nondescript brick ranch – what Allison has designed for us is not only functional but beautiful, timeless, and architecturally appropriate. I would highly recommend Allison’s services without reservation. She has made something that is normally stressful and made it fun and collaborative!“–Nancy R.

  • My wife and I worked with Allison on designing our custom home plans. Her cooperation, insight, and support of our effort was outstanding. As we work with builders, sub-contractors and code officials–all have complimented Allison’s work as complete, professional and described the plans as a great guide and a true working document… these are the professionals who see others work, so by comparison their comments carry weight in the home building industry. We are very pleased and highly recommend her services!“–Bob P.

  • After searching for a piece of property for over a year, my husband and I discovered that the property we already own is our dream property. We decided to hire an architect to reimagine our existing cape cod style home. We had a lofty list of changes that we wanted to make which ultimately included lifting the roof off of our home. Allison was professional, skilled and wonderful to work with. She created a new design for us with different options to fit different budgets. We were nervous to take the leap but we went ahead with construction and we couldn’t be happier with the finished results. Our home is now exactly what we always wanted, our dream home! The before and after changes are remarkable but never would have come to fruition without Allison’s expertise and careful understanding of our desires. I would recommend her to my best friends. She was lovely to work with.“–Rebecca D.

  • I am currently on an editorial board for the Harrisburg Builders Association with Allison and I have also seen her work on multiple project and it is nothing short of spectacular.  Allison is a constant go-to for everything from remodels to custom built designs as well.“–Ross H.
  • We are so excited about what Allison created for us! It is such a pleasure to work with someone who listens and understands. Thank you!“–Jane M.
  • After twelve years, I still continue to get compliments on the home she designed for us–she’s the BEST–thank you!“–Maureen H.

  • “It was more than a pleasure working with Allison.  She designed our new shore house in NJ after our original home was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. She demonstrated a superior level of knowledge, professionalism and her attention to detail went unsurpassed.  During the construction Allison was always available to help with any questions the contractors had.  You will not be disappointed with the end result.”–Stephanie L.

  • “In the hopes of purchasing a commercial property for my own design business, I contacted Allison to help me determine the required modifications for a residential conversion. Allison stepped in immediately, visited and assessed the property, took measurements, and developed professional site and floor plans to submit to my local municipality. She offered quick service and smart design options that will not only be affordable to implement, but are aesthetically pleasing. I would recommend Allison for any architectural or interior design needs—big or small! Thank you, Allison!” –Gennifer R.

  • “I chose Allison Ong Shreffler as the architect to design a craftsman style second floor addition for me and I am glad I did. She did a great job with the design, which looks great and keeps some of the original features of the original character of the home. This is exactly what I was looking for and I am very pleased. She is well informed and experienced in all aspects of the job and provides excellent customer service. Everything she did was done in a timely fashion and as promised. She even went above and beyond what I expected of an architect by offering advice on several issues. For example, in the beginning, we had a discussion about some structural issues in the home and she accurately predicted the repairs a structural engineer later recommended. She was very helpful to me in dealing with builders/contractors. Finally, I have found a contractor to build the 2nd floor and I have submitted the application for the building permit. Currently I am awaiting approval and I expect to get it quickly with no hassles, due to Allison’s excellent work. When I was at the borough office, the zoning officer looked over the construction drawings briefly and said the architect did a good job and he said that I shouldn’t have any problems with the approval as everything appeared to be in order and looked very good. I am very pleased with her work and if you ever need an architect, I highly recommend Allison Ong Shreffler!!”–Bill D.

  • Allison designed a custom home plan for our family. She was able to customize plans that we had purchased online into a dynamic, beautiful home. She very patiently took a very high level of care into the details of every exterior and interior view of all of the rooms. She reconfigured the windows, interior ceilings, roofs, and exterior finishes into a style that was really personal for my husband and I. She also made sure that all of the rooms were designed to maximize storage and space. I was also impressed with her knowledge of new products and her enthusiasm for trying something innovative. I knew that she was the right architect for our home, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to design a new home or remodel.”–Dawn S.

  • “I have worked with Allison on several projects over the past two years and have been impressed with her product knowledge and how detail oriented she is. Allison put a lot of thought into the projects I worked on with her to ensure that the appropriate windows and doors were being use to best compliment the overall look she was looking for. Exterior and interior colors were reviewed thoroughly with both myself and the homeowner. Allison was also very involved with the remodeler and myself to make sure everyone was on the same page up until the day the products were ordered. It was a pleasure working with AOS Architects and look forward working with Allison in the near future!” –Dave C.

  • “Allison designed my new home from the ground up.  She listened intently to my ideas and made very helpful suggestions to add/delete/alter some of the things that would make it a better design and also within my budget. Her knowledge of the architectural design aspects and her practical knowledge was extremely helpful.  In the end, my new home was exactly what I wanted. Allison is a very skilled architect who is also down to earth and will go out of her way to help you achieve the design and results you are looking for.  I would highly recommend her to everyone.”  –Barb S.

  • “It is both my pleasure and honor to recommend Allison Shreffler.  She is extremely talented, creative, and dependable as well as technically proficient.  I worked closely with Allison for several years as a principal at another firm where I grew to respect her skills and talents.  Her design skills are beyond reproach as are her technical skills at putting the building together so it works.  She is excellent when working with clients as well.” –Allen W.

  • “Allison is an experienced, professional, and talented architect, and I highly recommend her.  After seeing the attention to detail in the beautiful homes she has designed, I knew that she was the right architectural design professional for me.  Her wonderful enthusiasm, patience, and assurance are a warm welcome from the design process through to the final construction.”  -Ann A.

  • “Allison designed plans to remodel our 1950’s Cape Cod into a beautiful 5 bedroom colonial.  As a result of her wonderful work, we recommend Allison’s architectural services to many of our friends and neighbors in the community.” — John F.

  • “I am a builder and have known and worked with Allison for many years.  As  a professional Architect, Allison has always been responsive, thorough, and helpful before and during the construction process.  I have used her services for my own construction projects and I highly recommend her. “  — Kevin F.

  • “Allison designed our home from a tiny ‘Reese Colonial’ to the unique and fantastic space that it is today. She came up with the designs and did the working drawings on a very tight schedule so we could get our permit and start construction.  I highly recommend Allison to anyone thinking of building new or renovating!”–Jeff E.

  • “Allison was easy to work with and had a great sense of imagination to get the most out of the house…I knew she was the right person for the job.” Chris L.

  • “Allison is a joy to work with.  I was looking to redesign our attic and surprise my wife with the architectural plans as an anniversary present. Allison was able to provide the drawings on very short notice, and was extraordinarily flexible and patient as we pondered and reconfigured our plans several times.  When we finally settled on a final design, she was able to translate it and come up with a final product that has helped transform a barely livable space into one that screams with potential.  Once we begin construction of the next phase, we will give her another call to hear more of her expert ideas and tasteful advice.”  –Bill L.

  • As a custom kitchen manufacturer attention to detail is so critical. It is a pleasure to work with Allison who has a keen eye, and a pays very close attention to details that allowed us to meet some very tight tolerances. We were able to meet Allison’s expectations and satisfy her customer requirements as well. We look forward to working with Allison on future projects. There is something to be said for someone who knows what she wants and can provide us with the specifications. This remodeling renovation/project was quite extensive. This collaborative effort required many trades involved, and due to good plans we were yet able to meet the deadlines. Congratulations Allison on a job well done!”–Seifert Woodcrafts

  • “She was the architect for our house…she’s great!” –John M.