Architectural Designs Meet Technology via Virtual Access

With technological advances moving at lightening speed, our lives have adopted many ways to utilize easier and more efficient methods of communication.  The biggest feature that is apparent is saving on travel- both expense and time.  With professions that require expertise in specific areas, it is no longer necessary to have that professional be physically located near its clients.  Perhaps the medical profession will remain that way for awhile, however even there, doctors and surgeons are using computer robots to conduct serious operations.  As long as they are on a screen and the robot can be controlled via a mouse and other technological tools, such surgeries can be done.

Architecture is no different and as a matter of fact, with blueprints and designs, these can easily be transmitted via EMail and viewed online with remote clients.  Many clients like an architect to be in their home however with laptops and phone capabilities with Facetime and Skype access, clients can walk around their homes and describe their rooms and surroundings while an architect can see everything and have a real time conversation while doing so.

Architects are a special breed of talent that homeowners and office/ business owners seek out for their creativity and knowledge.  With communication being what it is, architects can now conduct Google Hangouts either live or recorded via a recorded session that can be recorded and sent via EMail through Youtube.  With Google owning both Hangouts and Youtube, the technology is easily coordinated to facilitate such sessions.

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