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There are so many things to consider in the design of architecture and interiors. Our philosophy is to design from the inside-out. We consider how you want to utilize the space, the design and proportion and scale of the interior space, optimize the use of  natural sources of light and exposure, include focal points, landscape and views, determine the exterior design aesthetics and composition as a whole, incorporate  regional materials, finishes, and historical references, and ultimately, how you feel when you experience the space. Our services are sought after for our innovative ideas and holistic approach towards design. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to providing design excellence.

Commercial and Residential Architects serving Lake Meade, PA

Residential and Commercial Architects in Cumberland County, PA

Some of the services we include:

Residential Projects

Commercial Projects

Custom Home Designs

Interior Design

Outbuilding & Hardships

3D Visualizations

Custom Furnishings

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Allison Ong Shreffler Architecture + Design proudly serves the area of Cumberland County, PA.

Cumberland County is located in South Central Pennsylvania. The County landscape is comprised of urban communities and rich farmland. It spans 555 square miles, with more than 250,000 residents living in its 33 municipalities.

Cumberland County, PA Resources

The Cumberland County Historical Society – is a tremendous regional resource dating back to the 19th century. Originally founded as the Hamilton Library in 1874, CCHS continues to evolve and extend its community outreach with robust collections, exhibits, manuscripts and photographs.

Cumberland County Library System – The Cumberland County Library System’s mission is to plan, develop, coordinate and provide comprehensive public library services for residents through a cooperative network of public libraries.

Carlisle Police Department