Harrisburg Architects Spreads its Geographic Wings

Allison Ong Shreffler has re-launched her architectural expertise in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  From her North Jersey/New York Metropolitan background, she has brought her unique style of design and experience to the Central PA area.  Together with her depth of understanding in the many facets affecting the design and build process, Ong-Shreffler has studied the local economy and its regional cultural distinctions–allowing her to adapt varied architectural offerings to new surroundings.  With a well-founded understanding of structure and project planning, Ong-Shreffler incorporates her blend of distinct style and sensibility of the local environs for her designs.

The various aspects of climate, regional materials, and property locations are contributing factors that culminate into the mind set of an architect’s palette for creativity.  Relocating from the tri-state area to Central Pennsylvania was a transition that Ong-Shreffler embraced.  Larger properties and less restrictive zoning requirements allow for more design opportunities.   More distance between properties also allows more architectural design freedom.  Traditional New England style designs can be found in the same neighborhood with a Mid-century modern or Craftsman design.  Exterior views, hardscaping, and outdoor rooms are also important design considerations.  The creativity of an architect is a combination of art and science–its having the vision to create a design, and knowing appropriate construction means and methods, where structure and building knowledge is central to every project.  Ong-Shreffler works closely with her customers, surveying and structural engineering team, and builders to help create these visions.   

Every project poses to be a unique canvas where Ong-Shreffler explores blending old and new with modern finishes  to give each project a uniqueness  that sports its own cultural flair.  This architectural firm is not limited to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,  thanks to social media, Ong-Shreffler  still gets requests from the tri-state area from where the firm began.

With technological advances, Ong-Shreffler capitalizes on the web based advertising mediums in order to broaden her geographical reach.  With Skype, Google Hangout, and Dropbox, facebook, distance has never been more affordable.  Facilitation of 3D modeling, photos, and videos where clients and contractors can experience all aspects of a prospective project in the comfort of their homes, proposals and communication can be quite easy.  

For more information on architectural works, contact Allison at www.harrisburgarchitects.net and request a consultation appointment  (717) 884-9808. 

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