How much should my home remodel cost?


How much should your project cost?  There are so many variables to determining this number, from determining the level of quality of construction to the level of complexity of the design.  I recently found an online construction calculator that accomplishes this.  So if you are wondering how much dinero you should expect to have available  before you call a contractor,  you should try this link

There will be a series of questions that walk you through the complexity  and the area or square footage, then you select a score from one through six  to determine custom high quality grade down to basic “builder – grade” quality.  Other features such as attic space, balcony space, finished basement, garages, porches, type of heating and air conditioning, type of fireplace, followed by your state and zip code are entered and a cost estimate is generated.

The work is itemized and broken down into material, labor, equipment, permits, insurance, and contractor markup for a total construction cost. While this report will help you to determine where your “ball park” costs should be, actual costs for design fees and mark ups will vary.

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