Kitchen Design Trends – What’s hot in urban, suburban, and rural areas

Are you considering a kitchen design and remodel?

Are you nervous about all of the selections that you have to make?  Are you traditional, transitional, contemporary, or rustic?

Framed vs. frameless, granite vs. quartz, stained vs. glazed, the choices are endless!

A recent webinar hosted by focused on what is trending and provided statistics of what is popular based upon locale.

See the slideshow below, maybe the results will help you to make your decision!

Happy Remodeling!


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    • Granite Kitchen Makeovers
      8 years ago - Reply

      This is really helpful info. The information that you provide on your website and blogs is really helpful for anyone looking to remodel! I have bookmarked іt for future reference.

      • Allison Shreffler
        8 years ago - Reply

        Thank you for your input, and thanks for visiting! If you are considering any construction and/or remodeling projects for your home or business in the New Jersey or Pennsylvania areas, please contact us at