Commercial Projects

Allison Ong Shreffler, Architect/Interior Designer has designed many types of commercial projects: office spaces, restaurants, tenant spaces, transportation facilities, and religious buildings.  Each project requires its own identity, function, and message. Restaurants and food service establishments need visual appeal to attract customers, yet require detailed knowledge of codes and food safety guidelines for kitchen designs. Religious institutional design requires an understanding of spiritual sensibilities to doctrine compliance as well as ADA and occupancy requirements. Transportation facilities require identity and communication, ease of maintenance, and safety for the customers.

Whatever your business is, it is our job to take your list of wishes and needs and transcend these requirements into a built reality that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and effectively markets your brand. Like signage and/or billboards, effective commercial architecture + design can elevate and drive traffic to your business.

Our 3D animation videos can also be used to market your business.